My name is David lever and i live in Bolton, greater Manchester. i come from a plastering-artist- joinery background and work with some of the best tradesmen-designers-architects in the country. i have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience throughout  my career in the world of prestigious special effects, i am very lucky - i have a job i love and that is always reflected in my work, coupled with the enthusiasm for it to look it's best, 

i have a love of old world architecture and design, and as much as i do use modern materials, i like to stick  to those traditions used by artisans centuries ago. this is produced by using  those techniques and the finest  quality lime plasters, imported from Vincenza, Italy, i  like to keep pushing the boundaries of interior fashion, whether it's from designer walls or ceilings. 

my company designs new techniques and colour combination to suit your individual needs.